Book Review "Creative Intelligence"

Vacations are always a good time to relax and read a book. While soaking in the sun on the sandy beaches of Puerto Rico I took in the new book by Bruce Nussbaum Creative Intelligence.

This book offers an insightful investigation of the creative process. Nussbaum outlines his five competencies of CQ (creative intelligence) which consists of knowledge mining, framing, playing, making, and pivoting. He goes into further detail dedicating an entire chapter to each stage of the process. Throughout the book Nussbaum uses his expertise of the subject along with examples from leading tech companies, design agencies and indie start ups to further explain his concepts. The book is capped off with a final chapter Indie Capitalism where he explains how these five competencies can build an economic model for the 21st century.

Creative Intelligence is not a how to guide, but a thorough examination of the creative process of innovation. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to feel inspired to take advantage of our rapidly changing economy. The tools Nusbaum lays out in Creative Intelligence are easy to understand and can be implemented by anyone who wishes to enhance their own creativity.