Recycling all those rejected ideas


Failed ideas are a part of every successful designers career. Over the years I have accumulated lots of mock ups and sketches that will never be seen by another living soul. I always try to tell myself that I'm going to use some of these ideas on another project, but deep down I know that it is not possible, since no two project are the same. Instead of hoping for other projects to come along that I can apply these designs to I think they need to take on a life of there own, being there own design projects, maybe a painting, or just putting them on a blog to share them with the world could work. Rejected ideas can still be meaningful in their own way even when they are not the best solution for the job at hand.

The image above is a sketch for an African translation that didn't quite make the cut. The sketch was based off of Senegalese street art. Hopefully finishing this illustration will bring hours of joy and grace the wall of our apartment someday.